Welcome to New Mexico -
the Land of Enchantment

Living in the High Desert is just a little bit different
from the Florida Keys (thank goodness for that!)

Here are few pictures we took recently.

At right: The subdivision entrance from Highway 165

Ranchos de Placitas entrance
The front of the house with Sandia peak peeking over the roof! Sandia Peak from the back door.
Above - Front of the new house (with classy car in front). Above - View from the back yard. There really is green in the desert.
The 'great room' Through the dining room towards the kitchen.
Above - Looking from the front door after we mostly unpacked. You can kind of see the dark beamed ceiling. Those are 4 x 12 beams.

Below - From the bancos (seats flanking fireplace) towards the front door.

Above - Middle of living room towards the kitchen

Below - Master bedroom with a few boxes for effect. The door is to the bath and the cat (Corky) can't figure out whether to jump on the bed or crawl under it.

Wow! There's a front door too. Cat quandry - door, bed, or boxes????
Below - The messy office. It may get all unpacked some day... Below - The guest bathroom with the jacuzzi tub.
The second bedroom, alias the office. No, you can't see the guest bedroom - it's full of boxes (still!)